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Caesarean Section, Post-operative scars, Stretch Marks
Professional Testimonial
MUDr. Miloslav Ptáček, Czech Republic 
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
"I first heard of the effects of the medical use of light therapy more than ten years ago, probably some time in the middle of 2001. I basically started using BIOPTRON immediately in my outpatient work, as well as at Neratovice hospital, where I worked as a secondary doctor on the obstetrics and gynaecology ward until 2009.
 “I use BIOPTRON phototherapy, with very good results, both to prevent stretchmarks for pregnant women and to treat post-operative scars, e.g. after a cut to the perineum, a Caesarean section, etc., as well as for breast-feeding mothers. The individual effects of BIOPTRON cannot really be separated from each other in practice, because they supplement each other and have a synergy effect. To put it very simply, we can say that when using phototherapy as prevention against stretchmarks the stimulation effect, which is preferred, is of the greatest use. If phototherapy is indicated in post-operative...